Business communications rapidly moving into the cloud

Australian businesses are expected to spend $8.1 billion on cloud services in 2020 and communications will be at the core of this spending.

Cloud-based communications provide an affordable, reliable network of connected phone and other devices saddled with a raft of features to assist all businesses in the modern world.

The Federal Government’s Australian Infrastructure Audit 2019 underlines that point by outlining that businesses “rate telecommunications backbone services very highly”.

When it comes to data storage, 73 per cent of Australian businesses are already in the cloud.

And cloud communications are rapidly gaining ground with more than half of Australian businesses expected to adopt cloud telecommunications this year.

Despite this, only 21.5 per cent of Australian businesses rate cloud technology as “very important” with a staggering 42.7 per cent not finding cloud services to be important at all.

And half of all businesses are currently operating on traditional networks, risking being left behind by one of the latest global tech surges.

What are cloud communications?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems have been in use since the 1960s and have seen many evolutions over the decades.

Originally, PBX systems still required human operators to connect calls but allowed businesses to handle high volumes of calls and phones with greater efficiency.

These systems have been robust, reliable and simple to use for small businesses, medium enterprises all the way up to large companies.

Today, hosted PBX means that you can host all of your telecommunications systems in the cloud which allows you to connect all devices across the network.

It means even greater reliability and much cheaper bills at the end of the day, making cloud PBX communications the system for now – not the future.

How NTD can improve your business operations

NTD has been servicing Australian businesses with their telecommunication needs since 1994 and delivers total solutions customised to your needs.

We have provided cloud-hosted PBX and VoIP services to some of Australia’s largest companies, institutions and corporations as well as numerous small and medium enterprises.

Make the transition to cloud-hosted communications simple and enjoy the lower costs, higher efficiencies and improved reliability.

Chat with our Queensland-based team today about how we bring your business into the cloud.

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