Applications can transform your business, but question is, which one do we use?


As the world changes, so dow we. With our Digital Forms application suite, we’ve increased our focus on providing flexible tools to meet Australia’s varied business needs.

At NTD we believe that you have to change with the times or get left behind, and we’re determined to place ourselves firmly at the forefront of Australia’s technological revolution.

While Digital Forms is so customisable and affordable that almost any business will be able to take advantage of it, there are some industries that have really made it their own. It lends itself to businesses with a great deal of paperwork or with staff who spend time outside of the main office. There are no businesses that are too large or too small to benefit from its many and varied features.

Commercial Cleaners, Caterers, Salespeople, Removalists, Delivery Drivers, Warehouses, Plumbers, Electricians, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Companies, Photographers, Carpenters, the list goes on. Due to the flexibility of the application, virtually any form, from invoices to quotes, reference documents to contracts, can be created, branded and digitised to suit your business’ specific and ever-changing needs.

The Digital Forms platform is currently used by some of Australia’s largest organisations operating in Oil & Gas, Mining and Travel. And whilst the Digital Forms suite is used by big business, it can also accommodate for small business with two employees or greater. So no matter how small or large your business is, if you require a system to replace your existing papework and workflows, NTD’s Digital Forms is a very cost effective solution that will provide your business with the effeciency it needs.


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Service Features:

  • Create Digital Versions of Forms
    • Eliminate paperwork and improve business efficiency, allowing you to focus your resources on more important areas
  • Eliminate Double Handling
    • Free up your administration and sales staff’s time by preventing the need to enter already completed forms into your database or computer system
  • Instantly Submit Completed Forms to Your Clients and to Your Office
    • Reduce handling time, eliminate form or document loss and increase customer confidence by instantly issuing PDF copies of completed forms
  • Create your own Unique Documents
    • Professionally tailored and fully customisable documents allow your business to gather the information you need while maintaining a professional image
  • Control your Workflow with Real-time Form Approval
    • Eliminate delays and confusion caused by incomplete or incorrect forms by immediately approving or rejecting document submissions, and providing instructions on how to correct the issue ensuring all forms are completed correctly
  • Provide Staff in the Field with Digital Copies of Reference Documents
    • Lighten your staff’s load by providing them with digital copies of licenses, OH&S documentation, PLI agreements, work instructions and more
  • Full Version Control of Digital Forms and Reference Documents
    • Log and record all changes and edits to forms to ensure that all information is compliant and up to date
  • Capture Signatures On-Site
    • Capture digital signatures to eliminate unnecessary hassle and streamline your sales and approvals process
  • Ongoing Support
    • Our support team are always available to ensure any issues are handled in a timely manner, preventing any interruptions to your business
  • Dedicated Account Managers
    • Deal with a familiar account manager to optimise the effectiveness of the application for your business